Monday, February 7, 2011

"You are Crazy"

“Are you crazy?”  “Wow, you are crazy?”   I hear that affirmation almost every day.  From coworkers, clients, fellow church goers, friends, and strangers.  That is mean; you might think….why would all of those people call you crazy.  That is just not nice.

I have to tell you that their comment is usually prefaced by my telling them: “yes, I have three part -time jobs, go to college part time, have a partner, 4 kids and 5 animals.”  First comes a glassy eyed stare, then their pupils get wide, then they shake their heads followed by the comment “Wow, you are crazy.”  Or the question “Are you crazy?”  Sometimes there is an expletive in the sentence as in “Wow, you are ******* crazy.”  So it is like an English lesson.  We have declaratory (statement) sentences, interrogative (question) sentences, exclamatory (shouting) sentences, and even the occasional imperative (command) sentence: “You need to stop being crazy.” 

Now before your eyes start to glaze over, you need to understand how my day goes and how I manage to fit all of this in.  (and yes, I am a bit crazy).  I do in fact have three part time jobs. I work as a Skin Care Specialist for a local well-known dermatologist (Dr. Frederick Quarles), but I make my own hours, and mainly work on Saturday mornings from 9:00-1:00.  I do work during the week sometimes, but as I already stated I make my own schedule, so I can fit my patients in where I can.

I also work as a Youth Coordinator (I work with 6th through 12th grade youth) at the Unitarian Church of Norfolk.  Besides the typical Sunday hours I have to be at the church, I pretty much work from home; so again, I can set my own hours.

The only job I have that actually has regular hours is the third job.  I substitute teach at the local Elementary School.  So of course I need to be there between certain hours when the kids are in school.  However, if my day is already full I can always say no. 

College is where things can sometimes get a bit dicey.  I do take either two or three classes per semester, but since I am using the VA Post 911 G.I. Bill to pay for school, (and I STRONGLY recommend any of you Vets to do the same, it is an AMAZING program), I only have to attend one class on campus.  The rest can be online.  So I do go to the campus on Mondays and Wednesdays from 9:30 – 10:45.  The other two classes I can do while in my pajamas sitting at my computer!!   Gotta LOVE it!!!

So then we get to the unpredictable part, my kids.  K., B., Z., and J.  They are 18, 15, 13, and 11 respectively.  They have a million things going on.  For example K is a high school senior and has a job to be transported to. B is a sophomore and he pretty much stays home, so he is easy, (God love him). Although is about to turn 16 and is looking for a job, so that will change soon. Z is in 8th grade and he is in Boy Scouts, so he has to be carted to meetings, campouts, events, etc.  Then there is sweet little J. who is in Boy Scouts, takes acting classes, works in the nursery at church  (the apple didn’t fall far from the tree with THAT kid)……


The animals are easy.  They eat and sleep.  Well most of the time.  The dogs do need to be let in and out to do their business and one cat (Max) has an eating disorder and binges and purges, (usually on the carpet).  I am not sure why he can’t take three more steps and vomit on the linoleum for easy clean up, but I guess we can’t have it all…..

So, am I crazy???  Maybe.  But I love my life! 
 I am missing two cats, but I don't have photos of them.  I will show them to you all another time.

SCREECH!!  (brake squeal sound inserted there)      WAIT!!  I forgot the most amazing, lovely, wonderful woman in the world who I also do a myriad of things for….my K!  I love her, but might love her just a smidge more if she could put her coffee cup in the sink in the mornings….   (I hope she skips this blog….)   K works full time so I can afford to not work full time and have my crazy life.  She also puts up with me and my craziness with a smile on her face.  She supports ALL of my crazy half-baked ideas…. (that is a blog for another day), without questions.  She is the best…….

So anyway, I do have a crazy, hectic, zany, too full, amazing, wonderful,  and interesting life, but I wouldn’t trade with anyone……

CAROL, who is a bit crazed, but loving every minute of it

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