Friday, February 11, 2011

Pudding Shots

Pudding shooters

Okay, for those of you who have been reading this blog faithfully, you may remember me being thankful for sugar free pudding because if you have a bad day you can knock back two or three of those bad boys and not feel guilty.  Well, then my partner K shouted…..hey you could drink them like shots… which my brain said …. “PUDDING SHOTS……….YEAH!!”  

Now I am a very fortunate lady because I am lucky enough to have some awesome ladies that live in my neighborhood that I have become BFF’s with over the past few years. Sooooo, a couple of days after I talked about pudding shots in the blog, three of my BFF’s and I decided to drive together to go shopping at Trader Joes……ummmmm isn’t that what suburban housewives do???  

Hey, none of us had to work or go to school that day....don't be haters......

 So as we were driving we were discussing the blog and explaining it to my BFF M.R. (who had not yet read the blog and subsequently moved down the BFF list a spot).  As we were talking we realized we were all getting together (there are 7 families in this little BFF family group) to celebrate my son B’s 16th birthday on the following Saturday, and we decided we needed to try to make pudding shots so I could blog about it. (Yeah, nothing in it for them either huh.....snort....)    So Friday I went shopping for puddings and made sure we had some tasty liquor and liquers to mix with the pudding.

So on Saturday night the families arrive and we decide to have a judging of different pudding flavors with different alcohols.  The two pudding flavors used were dark chocolate and vanilla.  I think the Jello sugar free dark chocolate is the creamiest of the chocolates, so that is what I bought, and plain vanilla for a different flavor palate.....don't I sound all Giada....  (you know I watch Food Network....Giada is a hottie...LOVE her)..... 

We used our resident fabulous mixologist M. to mix the alcohol and the pudding to make sure we had the right consistency and taste. He poured and whisked and tasted and poured and whisked and tasted to make sure all was right.  The first batch we made was chocolate with Baileys Irish Cream and Kahlua.

Mixologist M

Then we had some tasters.  And the results were................. (insert drum roll)

Big N.....says yes!

I think he was saying "that was F****** amazing!!"
A. said YES!

Now we didn't leave out the others, but I was so busy tasting that I forgot to take pictures.....must have been the chocolate alcohol haze I was starting to go into........

Round number two was dark chocolate pudding and Godiva chocolate liquer....and the results were:
S. said YES!!

I have to say that one was my personal FAVE!!!

Then we tried:
Mixologist M.  whips up some magic!!

vanilla pudding and Buttershots.  Results:

again a YES!
Steelers fan says YES!
BFF M says YES!

THEN we got even more I need to mention that we had all had about 5 or 6 shots by this, we got creative (wait I already said that), and mixed the chocolate and vanilla together:
UMMMMM tall shot glass C.  did NOT let out of her sight
That was my BFF C's shot glass, it was huge, and she DID NOT let it out of her hands......

Then we tried mixing choc and vanilla in the same glass: (does anyone hear an echo here?)
we did choc and vanilla in same glass
Then I decided to beat C. at her own game and pulled out a 9 oz cup....... I  just chucked the whole shot glass idea at that point.

bigger cup gets more pudding.....
a plastic cup........  more for me...
but then our friend N, decided he had an even better idea:
who needs a glass?
 and just so I make sure you see all of the pics:
My lovely partner K was sure enjoying that shot.....and yes, you should be jealous of me......

Mixologist M.......

Mixologist's spouse R.

6 degrees of M.R.  (every time we go anywhere she knows someone)

All in all a great night was had by all.  We decided that pudding shooters were awesome and tasty.  Over the summer we are going to make freezer pops with already premixed pudding and alcohol for a cold yummy treat!!!!

"Don't worry honey...mommy is just having a fudgesicle...."   

"NO baby, those are mommy's fudgesicles....mommy has different ones for you......"

Carol, (who should probably buy stock in Jello to support my new treat)..............


  1. Okay, one question: were they thick like pudding? Or more like hot chocolate consistency? Either way, these sound great. I've been on a big Buttershots kick lately... I just might have to try these!

  2. Patti,

    We used enough alcohol that the consistency was thicker than chocolate syrup, but thinner than pudding. Definitely drinkable, with a spoon (or long tongue) to get out the remains after the bulk is out of the glass. You should definitely try them! They are yummy!!! Then let me know what you think. :-)



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