Thursday, February 17, 2011

Aleve is my best friend today. Posted by Carol (Love and Lunch Money)

I am so sore today I can barely move.  Today Aleve is my best friend....You may be thinking, "Oh my gosh, what happened???"  Well, my friends, it is a totally preventable, totally my own fault situation.......I went back to the gym......sigh.....

I used to run.  I ran races, lots of races, 1/2 marathons, 8k, 5k, 10k, you name it, I ran everything except a full blown marathon.  It wasn't even that long ago.  I ran in 2008 and 2009.  But in 2010, I stopped.  Stopped cold....just stopped.  I recently noticed that I missed it, so I decided to start running again with the hope of running the Shamrock 8k in Virginia Beach, VA on March 19th.  But I have to tell you the way I am feeling today, that may just be a pipe dream.   I am sore, I am hurting, I am two years older..... what in the world made me think I could just "start running" again.  No working up to it, I just jumped in.  Oh , and I started working with a trainer last week too.  A "keep going, you can do it, come on, let's go, and by the way you need to cut out sugar and caffeine" type of trainer.  The kind you hate while you are working out, but love when you are done.  WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING??????    Puulleeease....I am a pudgy 45 year old lady for Pete's sake.  (I looked that up recently and actually know where that saying came from....but that is for another day).   And if he thinks I am cutting out caffeine he is CRAZY!!!


So a little history about how all of this madness started:  In May 2008 my friend Wendi says...."Yes, I am running the Rock and Roll Half Marathon in Virginia Beach August 31st."  Then crazy me says, "Oh, I would like to do that...I think I can". 

Now, mind you, I spent 20 years in the Navy running a measly 1.5 miles every 4 months and HATING every minute of it, so what made me think I would enjoy running 13.2 miles?    It was sheer madness, but I thought it sounded kind of fun. (and no, I was not drinking pudding shots when I thought that....I hadn't even invented pudding shots yet)
I spent the summer of 2008 training. I downloaded a very cool training schedule, (for couch to half marathoners in 5 months), and got busy.  I started out walking mostly, but eventually got up to jogging 4.5mph, (which is quite an accomplishment on my 5 foot 4 inch stubby legs).  I was running 4-5 miles three times a week with my long runs (7-10 miles) on Saturdays. I even lost a few inches, although never lost a pound.....that could only happen to me.....
If my life was a Lifetime movie, the day of the Rock and Roll Half Marathon, I would have been in the "best shape of my life", and would have breezed through those 13.2 miles and come through the race victorious with my makeup intact.  Funny how life is not a Lifetime least not my life.
The reality was, the weather the day of the race was hotter and more humid than it had been in years for that race. Even with that I had fun until mile 8.  Then my stomach started getting queasy.  Mile 9, I started walking alot more than jogging, mile 10-11 I was walking with no jogging, and miles 11-13 I just wanted to finish the damn thing!  (one foot in front of the other...there has to be a finish line somewhere)
I FINALLY made it to the finish line where my family was waiting for me. They were so excited for me, it was so sweet.  The problem was, I barely recognized them....... I was dizzy and queasy. My feet hurt, and my head hurt. I don't remember much of the walk to the car.  I have a faint memory of being sick in the bushes outside a Catholic church on Pacific Avenue and the priest asking if I was okay......all I remember of the ride home was needing a bag to be sick in...many times. 

I spent the next 12 hours in bed thinking that I probably should go to the hospital for IV rehydration, but  I feared the needles sticks I knew would be coming my way.  I promised my partner Karol that if I wasn't better in 12 hours, I would let her take me to the hospital. I was ectstatic when I was able to keep a bit of pretzel and some gatorade down at the 11.5 hour mark...that meant NO needles!!!


And now I am willing to go back.....back to the world of running.  I am even looking forward to training again.......see I really am a sicko....   However, there will be no more half marathons for me.  I will stick to 10k, 8k, and 5k races.  I will also no longer run races between June 15 and September 15th, but September 15 through June 15th, it is on baby!!  

I'll bet I can get in at least three races this spring before race season is over for me until fall 2011.  IF I can get out of my chair.  Okay, time to swallow some Aleve and get to the gym......

Carol,  (crazy???  maybe......)

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